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Thermal Flight

  • Price: 150 Euro
  • Especially here warm clothes needed!

Thermal Flight

You want a beautiful and long flight experience? Then this first thermal flight is the one for you.

For this flight we will meet before or after lunch, so in a time when the thermal upwinds have increased sufficiently. Immediately after the launch we will search for an invisible thermal tube (thermal upwind), to climb in it by circular movements. We will try to fly as high as the upwind allows, whereas on good days we can fly until the dew point. At this altitude the air humidity of the thermal tube condenses and a cloud will appear. Also if there is a pleasant weather condition of 20°C (68F) at the launch site, in this altitude we will be confronted with temperatures between 0°C and 10°C (between 32F and 50F). This is why we have to dress up adequately for the flight. At high altitudes we will fly over the landing site to make some steeper turns or just to enjoy the nice view from the glider.

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