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Action Flight

  • Price: 170 Euro
  • Especially here warm clothes needed!
  • High accelerartion forces (G-Forces)

Action Flight

You want Adrenalin? Mostly you get bored by riding rollercoasters? Then I suggest an action flight.

The action flight is similar to the thermal flight. We will gain as much altitude as possible over the landing site, and execute some more aggressive maneuvers. These maneuvers will require the coordination of pulling on the brake lines, and shifting your body weight to more precisely control the paraglide. I will give you instruction on how to execute the maneuver, and where to shift your weight. The maneuver can be terminated at any time if it becomes too uncomfortable. Please be aware that while executing these maneuvers, you will be subject up to three times the force of gravity, similar to riding a roller coaster.

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