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tandemfliegen koessen

Impressions during a tandem flight

Ten speedy steps under a clear commando: "Run - run - run". Afterwards two people take off from the grass covered surface at the starting place into the air to possibly stay there for several hours. Paragliding, that is probably the easiest and also most exciting way to let humans fly. If you are interested to experience this first flight adventure in form of a tandem flight, you are exactly right here.

Who can fly?

Simply put, anyone can fly. Even people with a fear of heights have been known to enjoy paragliding. A weight restriction of 100kg (220 lbs) is set due to safety limits of the equipment, and the lifting capability of the glider itself. Minors must have parent/guardian consent.

When ist the best time to fly?

Paragliding is dependent on riding thermals, or rising masses of warm air. The best months are from March to September as there is a larger temperature gradient, creating better flying conditions. When the paraglide flies through a thermal, the rising air causes the paraglide to gain altitude. On good days, it is possible to fly as high as the clouds. Good pilots can stay aloft for several hours. During other months the thermals are not as strong which results in shorter flights.