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Who takes photos?

Tandem Flight

Thermal Flight

Action Flight



Characteristics of a tandem flight

For the tandem flight we will meet at the upper landing site next to the liftstation of the skilift in Kössen with the gondolas. During the gondola ride up the hill we will discuss the entire procedure of the flight and how you act properly at the launching and landing. But don’t be afraid, your duties are simple and easily explained. At the launching site we will search for a free spot for the very big tandem glider and will prepare for launch. And then the moment will finally arrive. At a favorable moment I will pull the paraglide over us until it is right above us. Afterwards I will give you a clear running-command and we will accelerate until we reach the glider’s take off speed. You will suddenly notice that your feet have left the ground and eventually you will make one or two steps in the free air. Right in this moment you will feel really free and will be able to enjoy the flight. As a passenger you will sit in the front and can enjoy the beautiful view on the landscape and other paragliders.

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On which days do the flights take place?

The flights will take place predominantly on the weekends. However we can also make arrangements to meet during a weekday. Since the flying sport is strongly influenced by the weather, there is a possibility that the flight may be cancelled and postponed. I will observe the weather forecast periodically and will inform you as early as possible to any upcoming bad-weather conditions.

What do I have to wear for flying?

Please wear for you flight ankle-high hiking shoes, long pants, a wind-proof jacket as well as thin gloves. If you fly in spring and you become cold really fast, I recommend to take a ski jacket and ski pants too. If we don’t need any of these, I will inform you before flying. I will bring a helmet and the complete flight equipment.

Who is taking the pictures?

Additional you can also buy photos and videos from your flight. Thereby I will take pictures during the flight with an “Action-camera”. This special camera has the ability to capture us and the complete paraglide on one picture. But you can also decide to bring your own camera. It should be built compact, in order that it doesn’t constrain us during launching and landing.

So what's after my tandem flight?

If you are enthusiastic about flying and you want to fly your own paraglide, you could think about getting the sport’s pilot license. The training takes place in Kössen and Unterwössen and will be held by the Süddeutsche Gleitschirmschule under the supervision of professional flight teachers. With pleasure I will give you more information after your flight.